Toolbox with assorted tools to save bothersome site-go-around from bookmark and duble-clicking applications.





When you create a web site, you would need some kind of tools.
In that time, what will you do?
Double-click applications? mess around services on the web?
Or you would make your web site on IDE(Integrated Development Environment), so you do not have to do with that needs.

But, I do not like that IDE cause it is kind of "heavy".
However, as it is troublesome to go around applicatins and web sites, I assort tools frequently used to save time.

Here is tools below.

  1. Color code checker
    to check colors.
  2. RGB to hex-color converer
    to convert RGB values to hexadecimal color code and vice versa.
  3. URL encoder/decoder
    to encode and decode URL.
  4. HTTP header checer
    to check HTTP header when you want to see response from URL.
  5. MD5 hash calculator
    to see MD5 hash string.
  6. QR code generator
    Generate QR code.
  7. font-size checker
    to check font-size with percentages in reference to parent element's font-size.
  8. Access info checker
    to check your IP address or so.

I will add other tools, when I find it useful to assort.
Thank you.